a fost o zi banala ca toate celelalte(ei bine nu chiar toate :”>),nu am facut nimic special,am lenevit,ca de obicei,dar hei! e vacanta deci pot spune fara probleme ,,si ce?” \:d/.
bine,poate am fost cu putinul meu chef pe afara,pentru ca aproape m-am plictisit uitandu-ma la aceleasi lucruri la TV.
am stat, am numarat si mai sunt aproximativ 3 saptamani si cateva zile pana plec la mare.poate pentru altii nu pare nimic important dar pentru mine e (sa fim sinceri,cine nu a asteptat vara doar ca sa poate sa se intoarca la mare?)i
inca mai zambesc,afirmand ca sunt fericita,asa si e!( probabil ca am irosit minute pretioasa din viata cuiva cu acest post,dar nu oblig pe nimeni sa citeasca ce nu-i place šŸ™‚ ).
have a nice day!>:D<


recunosc,pe aceasta tema am avut un post destul de negativist,dar mi-am schimbat radical opinia(cum am si stiut ca o s-o fac) si am numai cuvinte de lauda despre ,,speranta”

este un dar destul de frumos,faptul sa poti spera iti aduce un gand foarte pozitiv, in acelasi timp ducandu-ti mintea la cele mai dragute lucruri pe care le visezi sa se implineasca.

un simplu video si niste minunate citate de la o foarte buna prietena mi-au modificat modul de a gandi despre ,,speranta”,o sa incep sa sper pentru mai bine si ca totul sa fie bine devenind realitate( visul acela este unul care ar putea sa-mi lumineze viata total )


It’s summer.It’s holiday. This is the time for Ā having fun with your friends,and to forget almost all the bad things that happend. It’s another month with shinny days .. I was waiting for this season so bad,and finnaly it’s here! Can be more than awesome? I was looking through some old posts and some of them are really annoying but i’m not gonna delete them because i’m too lazy. Now i’m irregardless because i don’t have to care.

I remember my friends with i’ll spend my holiday.They are just cool.They have been always there for me and helped me whenever i was in a big(or small) problem. If I have any secret,i can tell them,because will be keep safe in their heart.When i’m sad my smile reappears back because they will make me happy.Maybe i don’t deserve so much love but i thank God for my friends. Please never forget how much i love you and i’ll always be there.


sometimes i’m scared

and running without some courage in my soul

sometimes i think i fly

but this is a dream and

made me fall and …..gone

but only sometimes i’m happy and sure

that i’m a survivor and i’m not alone

whatever it takes to realize then

i know life is happy and it’s all done

every moment is a battle

and we have to fight

until we can Ā forget every bad moment of our lives

19th of june was my b-day ,so happy b-day to me.nothing special happend to me.i spent my time with my amazing friends and it was awesome.

now i’m reading some books (,,betrayed” by p.c and kristin cast ) and others. it’s about 1 month until i go to the beach and i have maths homework to’s horrible but i don’t have what to do in this case.

i haven’t habit to do always long posts so sorry for the short ones.

7h of june

E ultima saptamana de scoala,siĀ  inca mai am de invatat pentru notele finale,in concluzie trebuie sa dau tot ce pot.Cum a fost anul meu scolar?am intampinat multe greutati dar am avut parte de momente amuzante de asemenea.

Simt cum vacanta se apropie,cum ma voi urca in masina,avand in cap o singura destinatie: MAREA.soare,plaja,distractie,sarind in apa,limpezindu-mi mintea.

Iar acum plec,ma intorc la ceea ce am de facut.

June 2010
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