23rd of may

i am ill.outside is cold now and i don’t have anything fun to do,except learning(but this isn’t fun).im going to write my wishes:

i wish i’ve been a tall girl,with red hair colour like cherry,small eyes with grass colour(i mean GREEN) or maybe like the blue sky,and a long small nose.

let me look like this and then i won’t complain


breathe it

i wake up

im opening my eyes

and i see what i wanna see

you are made of stone

your heart is like ice,so cold

criticizing people,what you know

but open that small mind,and let sing along

the river where the birds are crying and nobody see for sure

10th of may

they said that they know me.but they dont.please someone tell’em this,how people cant understand who i am?
on the outside i look like a carefree and irregardless girl but im not!people dont know how much im hurt and…dont care.they see what they want to.
why im writing this and not a happy storry or something?because that happend and thats what i feel….but nobody read  and nobody will understand myself.
maybe i’ll come with a happier post.idk……
and an advice:if you dont now me perfectly………DONT JUDGE THE COVER;)
(u know why im writing on my blog and i dont say it on their face?because they will not understand me anyway and they’re to much..and im alone[this sounds emo,joking:))])
->first time i said that i’ll not post here a diary..but i cantt..sozzzzz guysss =]

9th of may-what i feel and why im posting this?

im weird and i know it.i write non-sense texts in english and express myself through them.so what?
i dont characterize me through a perfect girl,friend or idk,should i know?i cant be the best and i dont want to be
i cant change for people,they cant change me because im who i am,but im not proud of me,im a fool girl who doesn;t trust in herself and consider all the things she make awful.thats me though.lets party.
they dont like me because of what im,that stupid,shy girl who look at the blue sky in the dark of the night,saying ,,why i was born?why me”
nobody understand me,like that old book,with gray pages, very difficult to decipher.
this might be my story but i dont care,i’ve learned that life is difficult,but i try to fight,anyway.

4th of may

soo,hello! i haven’t posted here for a while so i’ve decided that it’s time for a new…feeling?!

today=a normal day,it’s 9.30 p.m and i haven’t done any homework ,my mind tells me that im going for a 2!omg 😐 im so scared,somebody can help me,please?:s

now i dont have time for nothing!lot of stuffs to do in this short time,and its like im in a small,square box with a….big black hat covering my eyes?..no this doesn’t matches with my …thoughts .soz

bye now,gotta go x

May 2010
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