lost in the forest

we.us.our minds,are lost,in the forest,want them back,but it’s a huge forest,we fight among the weeds, we hit the trees and nobody could save something

had close eyes in the darkest parts of the moon when it goes to an total eclipse and seeing nothing.only dark,dark night queen.

in the lake,is a mirror,have saw our faces,empty souls,indiscernible.

youre so scared and run,so reckless,just remember that you can’t escape.scream but you will not resolve this problem.your scream is sharp, it scratch ears with brutally.

what would you do now?


this is the life..

bad feelings,please dissapear!it’s enough,too much pain for nothing,you fight in this life for something that doesn’t exist(just my opinion)

all the people make comparisons  but nobody care that a simple soul can become hurt.we are all humans and we can feel.i know i;m not perfect,the truth is the cut in the middle of heart,and my heart is struggling to survive wickedness.

can’t handle criticism, pressure, and yet i struggled to manage something but win nothing.

i’ve wrote this because now i feel like the last man, but i hope my return, i opened my eyes, i saw how life is, and i try to fight(volcano will erupt once at all)


oh haii ,these are my pictures

19th April

today-the 19th of april,i feel asleep,and i listen some music,and drinking a lot of cold water:(

i have to learn some pages for tomorrow class,i want to sleep,it’s raining,lets dance in the rain!(crazy ideas :|)i’ll go out on my balcony to watch the little drops of rain falling from the cloudy sky which is blue as sea.i can feel how magic there are,how they fall on my hand and go down on the ground.

i’m mad,really,i’ve started to tell you what happend to day and then to describe the rain 🙂 ,i don”t care

bye littles xx

18th April

today is the 18 th of april,so i was in the park with my lovely friend,innit adorable?
okay,you,guys who read what i write here,that park was really awesome!!i want to go there again non-stop!
aww,i’ve took a couple of photos and i’ll show them on my deviantart when i’ll have enough time ,so you have to wait.
but i can tell you something.i love to talk about landscapes,and their content because you don’t always see things like this in your short-life.
the first thing that i like to describe:the magnificent flowers.they are my sweet dream in the night,best for taking a photography.yeaa,i’ve said a lot about photographing,this can change your and whirling mind.
on a little shop i’ve found nice painted-pictures(who’s got that precious hands?).and oh,the perfect swans coloured in white like snow and in black like ebony,walk on the lake with the crystalline water.
(soz guys if i repeat word but if u like smth,can read it )


New season,spring,yay!

I like this season,coz i like to see many many colourful birds incessantly flying in the sky,the new flowers that are like shinny rings in a green-box and great season ,especially the little and handsome snowdrops,and we all like the good weather,not too hot,not too cold.

We enjoy going out with our friends,watching the rain,others and others.Spring is a season loved by all the people and we have to taste it until it leave.But remember:2 months and we have sumeerrr!(ill post a little story about this season too)

Hello future!

I’m looking for the future,i’m looking in the past,not one and the same what i can say?

I want the past back,to resolve all the bad things that i’ve made,to change them,for a new good life,and for a smile that will never dissapear from my face.Oh God i’m so selfish but i really want a beautiful life without the mistakes i’ve made in that horrible past,sure I have beautiful memories too but,they have gone 😐

Can I do something now?I don’t think so,waiting for the future,i want a clean future,i want to stay in my bed and to say ,,i have no obligations,no mistakes,no bad feeling”,to catch some sun rays without tears in my brown eyes and to taste the fun.


Let’s talk a bit about music,in fact who don’t like music?No matter what kind of music but we like it.

For me,music it’s a way of being,a way to express yourself.It’s something,something magic,special,that caress your heart when youre sad,or just (i don’t know), but music can make you happy again.

When you aren’t strong a simple song can make you more powerfull,when youre shy music can make you ambtious.Music can give you a lot of feelings,can be the sun which melts ice,the water which quench fire,can be anything everywhere.

Then,how you feel now?Want to have a ,,new soul?” listen so music and make you strong.


I really don’t know what you think about this word but i’ll write what i think

Friendship?i describe it as another beautiful word,that you can pronounce with a crystal voice,or with tears of fire  in your eyes,doesn’t matter,there are a hundred meanings.

It’s very hard to find a real friend,but when you have it,you’ll have it for years,for life.The real friend will be always near you,always with a helping hand and crying with you,have fun through cold rain drops falling gracefully?

Isn’t your friend like a brother/sister that you never had,isn’t the light from heaven?when you look in his eyes you can see the hope,the ardent hope.Can be a river between you but nobody and nothing will separate your friendship

Can you wish for something else when you have all?I don’t think so,life is like a beautiful song in your ears with the right friend.Keep it near you and help it when he need.

You know that a simple human,a random stranger can be your mate in just a second?Just wait or search and you’ll find it.That’s the magic about friendship

17th April

Today,i’m bored how i’ve already said,so gonna write smth here.

ermm,it’s very sunny out,but i’m not out,i look out the window ,and see,what?THE SUN,erghh,it’s spring and yeah,two days ago(i think) it has rained,where are the birds?doesn’t matter,im waiting for summer ppl!

This is a boring post,but  have nothing anything else to do now,maybe my future posts will be much better x

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